Electrical Power Load System

This system is a precise high power resistance source with excellent characteristics of stability, temperature coefficient, and power coefficient. It can perform with very constant load, very stable consumption in long time and comparatively cost-effective properties plus the function of programmable load switch. The user can use this system friendly and easily. If requested, high dynamic ranges are also available!

With various kinds of power resistor units to be used for any AC or DC resistor load application, these units are most commonly used for all QA or R & D laboratories’ test, calibration, load banks, precise burn-in load and functional test applications. It can also be used to test power sources such as batteries, power supplies, generators, chargers, fuel cells, … and etc.

Some are designed with the best adjustable inductive load device for the testing equipments. They can be smoothly, steplessly and continuously changed the reactance value at the rated working voltage.

The above adjustable reactor is widely applied in the equipment inspection, power generator sets, power machinery, vehicle power supply systems and the concerned research and experiment. It can replace the reversed inductance regulator which is for the adjustable inductance load application.

The whole device is assembled with the high accurate resistors and rigid frames. The control program is created to audit and control the load in the stable way. Once needed, the load can also be switched in the test.



● Aerospace test; Water treatment.

● Solar array simulation, solar array simulator.

● MOCVD power, MPP / MPPT analog.

● Telecommunications and IT industry.

● Automated test systems (ATE); Chemical treatment.

● Factory automation; Wafer production.

● Quality Inspection; Battery testing, discharging.

● Production line power; Precision plating, sputtering;

   Surface treatment.

● Solar applications; Research and development of new energy.


Our concerned products:

● PRL, Manual or Programmable High Power Resistance

   Decade Unit.

● TK Series, Adjustable Reactor.

● DCEV, High power DC power supply.

● ELEV, High Power DC Power Electronic Load.

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