Gaging service and the application / integration of the measuring system

Gaging service and the application / integration of the measuring system

Advance Instrument (AI) had initiated its business from the stress and strain measurement many years ago. For years, AI has undertaken many these kinds of application projects and has integrated them to work as what the clients expected.

AI is the professional in dealing with signals in measuring. The signal interception, filtering, amplifying, conditioning and output are all AI’s strongest techniques.

For the gaging services, AI’s proposals can be only AI’s signal collectors for all the data from the sensors or transducers. However, AI’s proposals can also be very complicated systems to output data or give out signals for other purposes for example, to use the measuring data for the research purpose or to use the given measuring data to control or adjust the working devices or to simulate some of the research environment so that some laboratory experiments can be held under the controlled environmental system.

All the finished projects have been cared by AI since their commissioning. Therefore AI has provided with and shall be giving her after-service and spare parts permanently and forever! It also means, the user can still get the assistance from AI once she / he has any puzzle / confusion or if the instruments need any calibration, AI can still supply with this service at very fast speed even after several years later! Many users after long time of usage have not only continued to consult with AI but also kept to buy more advanced or new version of the instruments to facilitate their works.

Examples of these instrumentations / systems are

The tensile stress measuring on the bolts to lock the engine head and crankshaft.

Some monitoring system for the structure stress changes.

The concerned instrumentation and software:

Strain gage indicator.

Strain gage conditioning amplifier.

Dynamic strain amplifier.

Strain indicator calibrator.

Gage installation tester.

Analog to digit datum system.

For these application or needs, please further contact with us to get more detailed response!