TGA, Thermogravimetry Analyzer

TGA, Thermogravimetry Analyzer

Thermogravimetric Analyzer measures the quantity and rate of change in the weight of a material as a function of temperature or time in a controlled atmosphere.



  Ÿ  AI’s TGA-A Series are special gravimetric analyzers designed to provide with unique capabilities for high pressure, high vacuum, and high-temperature under static or dynamic reactive atmospheres.

Ÿ    TGA-A1200 is an integrated system, performing a high-sensitivity balance in a robust frame structure. TGA-A1200 can accommodate samples up to 20 g in mass, with a sensitivity of 10 microgram. TGA-A1200 is the instrument of good choice for pressure studies (up to 4 Bar) at experimental temperature up to 800 °C, and can accommodate a variety of gas compositions under high-pressure of static or optional dynamic flow. The standard vacuum accessory provides for measurement at reduced pressures down to 1 x 10-3 torr.

    TGA-A1200 is recommended when pressures or corrosive gas atmospheres are required. This top-of-the line model provides with static pressures up to 4 Bar, and utilizes an advanced balance with a 20 g capacity. It seals the reaction chamber completely and also allows for aggressive gas chemistry while isolating the microbalance assembly. TGA-A1200 can be operated up to 750 °C at the maximum pressure, or equipped with the standard vacuum accessory for low-vacuum studies.

    TGA-A1200 is a specialized instrument designed for both high temperature and pressure at the same time. The maximum temperature 1,200 °C is achieved safely in a unique double-wall reactor. TGA-A1200 is equipped with a steam generator which makes it ideal for coal gasification studies, and 5 gas inlets for the maximum flexibility in dynamic reactive atmospheres.

    The rugged and reliable TGA-A offers exceptional value as a compact, general-purpose thermogravimetric analyzer that typically outperforms a competitive research-grade model. Its integral mass flow control, gas switching capability, superb software, and ease-of-use make TGA-A ideal in basic research, teaching, or in industrial laboratories that need qualified results.


 Pressure, 4 Bar
 High Vacuum, 1 x 10-3 torr
 Up to 800 °C
 Samples up to 20 g in mass
 corrosive gas atmospheres
 5 gas inlets



Thermal stability



Oxidation / Reduction

Water and Volatiles

Adsorption / Desorption

Additive and Filler



Estimated lifetime

Oxidative stability