Corrosion and material testing instruments

Corrosion and material testing instruments

Advance Instrument Inc. (AI) has manufactured corrosion and material testing instruments. These wide range of research and testing instruments are for the investigations of materials in laboratory and field environment. AI not only is specialized in high temperature and high pressure applications but also can provide instruments for other testing conditions like the chemical environment as well.

AI has delivered instruments to university and industrial laboratories which are often related to power generation, chemical, transportation and oil & gas industries. Most of the products are manufactured according to customers’ needs.

AI can provide research and testing services when results are needed quickly or if there are not enough resources for running the instruments available.


The SCC / SSRT / Constant Load / Cyclic Fatigue instrument of Advance Instrument (AI) are computer controlled, electromechanically operated loading devices. The computer controls the motor that is for the tensile specimen. The load measurement value from load cell will be displayed in the computer software. The instrument fulfills the requirements presented in ASTM Practice G 129.

When constant load feature is used, the load cell response is used as a feedback signal to the computer software to control the motor.

The loading device can perform low frequency cyclic fatigue tests. The cyclic loading can be performed either under load or strain control.

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