Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Tester

Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Tester

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The split Hopkinson bar apparatus consists of two long slender bars that closely sandwich a short cylindrical specimen between them.

By striking the end of one bar, a compressive stress wave shall be generated and will immediately traverse across the stricken bar and reaching at one end of the specimen. The wave shall be partially reflected back and traverse back to the impact end.

The remainder of the wave shall then go through the specimen and into the second bar causing the irreversible plastic deformation on the specimen.

It is observed that the reflected and transmitted waves are proportional to the specimen’s strain rate and stress respectively. The specimen strain can hence be determined by integrating the strain rate. And by monitoring the strains in the two bars, the specimen stress-strain properties can then be calculated out.

AI has designed and manufactured Six Test Bar systems:

Compressive test system.

Tensile test system.

Compressive test and Tensile test system.

High temperature Compressive test system.

High temperature Tensile test system.

High temperature Compressive test and Tensile test system.

The practicable operation of the apparatus relies on not only the accurate of the hardware – frame manufacturing but also the incorporated instrumentation with excellent capability to intercept, condition and output the measuring data. Moreover, the signals to be captured are in the dynamic status in very short time but with mass data to be filtered and recorded! This machine is not as easy as what the general public think!

AI has very experienced engineers to assist to set up and to run for the first several experiments so that the users can shorten the learning time. AI has even helped clients to solve issues rising up in using some other maker’s SHPB.

Nowadays, AI’s SHPB has been sold to several research institutes and countries including some in the defense industry.

For this need or inquiry, as usual for the customized instruments, we shall need the users’ detailed scheme, experiment content and purpose …etc so that AI could propose the right and proper system!

Please contact AI’s sales department for more understanding then!