Dynamometer System

Dynamometer System

For automotive industry, Advance Instrument has had integrated all the measurement needs and set up the complete dynamometer measuring system. The complete system is with the dynamometer, the dynamometer controller, the throttle controller, the measurement controller and the needed convenient software.

From the needed dynamometer, the strong capability of AI’s instrument to collect, condition and record all the measuring data has played very important and key role. The said data can include signals from the load cell, rotating speed of the engine and the dynamometer, manifold pressure, fuel flow rate, temperature and all other ones given out by sensors or transducers working in the system.

This system can also feed back the collected data to adjust the tested engine or other controllers to change the test parameters. It’s a completely automatic controlled system with very convenient operation either on the hardware or the collection / analysis of the results.

The concerned instrumentation and software:


Dynamometer Controller.

Throttle Actuator.

Throttle Actuator Controller.

Performance Datum Acquiring System.

Flow Meter or Detector.

Particular discussion for the application or the system setup shall need more idea about the inquirer’s plan for the test. Therefore, please try to give AI as many as you plan to do. AI shall have experienced engineers to talk with you to and fro to give the appropriate proposal then!


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