Ultra-supercritical Steam System for Material Testing

Ultra-supercritical Steam System for Material Testing

A special integrated measuring system for the ultra-supercritical steam to be controlled under the designated surrounding to check, inspect and measure the material properties and performance under this surrounding.


This test system mainly comprises the water supply unit, the object to be tested, a pressurizer unit and a cooling unit. In the water supply unit, demineralized and degassed water or boiler’s feed-water which chemicals have been added in to fix the water chemistry property is fed in a feed-water tank. This water is injected into the test loop by a pump. To minimize the vibration caused by the flow, a damping vessel is installed after the pump discharge.



Feed water instrument

Feed water purification

Chemical agent injection system

High Pressure Recirculation loop

High Pressure Heat Exchanger

High Pressure Direction Boiler Tube Heating System

High Pressure Test Vessel

High Pressure Cooler

Condenser instrument

Datum acquisition System



Supercritical Steam test system

High Pressure 360 Bar

Up to 650°C

Mass Flow 400 kg/Hr

Water chemistry sensors

Recirculation loop

Water purification instrument

Chemical agent injection system




Heat Transfer

Heat Flux

Soil Erosion


Thermal Stability

Estimated lifetime

Oxidative stability