Customized Instrumentation and Integrated Measuring System

Advance Instrument (AI) has owned many years of practical experience in the measuring fields including many practical applications.

AI has assisted many customers to set up customized measurement systems for their unique applications. Therefore AI has not only had her standard instruments for the general usage but also can supply with the apparatus which is for the special need / purpose.

For years of experience in applying instrumentation and having known the real and actual needs of the clients, AI has also designed and manufactured some integrated measuring systems for the unique and special requirement in some industries.

AI can integrate all the signals in measuring every kind of physical phenomenon. By applying the right and proper measuring sensors, the rest portions of the signal interception, filtering, amplifying, conditioning and output are all AI’s strongest techniques.

AI’s systems can be only signal collectors for all the data from the sensors or transducers. AI’s systems can also be very complicated systems to output data or give out signals for other purposes for example, to use the measuring data for the research purpose or to use the given measuring data to control or adjust the working systems or to simulate some of the research environment so that some laboratory experiments can be held under the controlled environmental system.

All the finished projects have been cared by AI since their commissioning. Therefore AI has provided with and shall be giving her after-service and spare parts permanently and forever! It also means, the user can still get the assistance from AI once she / he has any puzzle / confusion or if the instruments need any calibration, AI can still supply with this service at very fast speed even after several years later!


Examples of these instrumentations / systems are


The whole Hopkinson Bar Systems in various types.

The integrated system to measure and read out the strain / stress of tightened bolts.

The gaging project with signal integration service.

The whole dynamometer systems in various types for the automobile industry.

Various medical systems for the variety of purposes.

Some special measurement systems for nuclear energy industry.

High temperature Hydrogen Storage Research and Test System.

The special systems on SOFC for the variety of applications.

Thermogravimetry Analysis System.

Ultra-Supercritical Steam Material Test System.


Some famous customers of AI are:


INER; TPRI; AIDC; Honda Taiwan; Tatung Co.; SanDisk; Advantech; Delta Greentech; MaxForce Energy…


For these special inquiries, detailed and right information are important to plan the whole project. Therefore, please leave with your contact message so that AI’s persons can further talk with you to identify or clarify the needs!


Please send your inquiry to the below e-mail address:



The further communication for a project shall include many details which AI’s salesmen and technique persons shall need to discuss with you. Please try to give your information as many and clear as you can!