TK Series Adjustable Reactor

TK Series Adjustable Reactor


The adjustable reactor TK series is the best adjustable inductive load device for the testing equipments. This TK series can smoothly, steplessly and continuously change the reactance value at the rated working voltage. Its main use is to be the adjustable inductance load in the unit load test. It can be matched with the adjustable resistor in order to regulate the load ratio and load power factor in some certain rage.

The adjustable reactor is widely applied in the equipment inspection, power generator sets, power machinery, vehicle power supply systems and the concerned research and experiment. It can replace the reversed inductance regulator which is for the adjustable inductance load application.


● The adjustable current range is large. Adjusting the electricity Steplessly, smoothly and continuously.
● Excellent linearity and stability on the inductance adjustment. It can even bear the continuous 10 % overload for one 
● In working with the adjustable resistor, the regulation of the real reactive current or virtual reactive current is not affected by each other. It can then accurately regulate the load ratio and load power factor.
● Suitable for the electricity power in 50 Hz / 60 Hz, 220~690VAC, single or three phases.
● Easy operation; Safe and stable in work; Can work continuously in long time.
● Can work with multiple units connected in parallel way.
● Customized specifications are available for the dry, oil-immersed, iron core, air core types.