SR1 Strain Gage Indicator

SR1 Strain Gage Indicator


SR1 Strain Gage Indicator is an economical instrument with high accuracy and multiple functions.

It is a Strain Gage Indicator and also function as a Strain Gage Transducer Indicator.

As a Strain Gage Indicator, it can support 10 types of bridges and dummies. While if used as a Strain Gage Transducer Indicator, there are 24 bits A/D converts to make the measurement.
● One input channel
● Direct reading LCD display
● ±0.3 micro-strain resolution at Gage Factor = 2
● Quarter, half and full bridge circuits
● Built-in bridge completion
● 120Ω, 350Ω dummy gages
● Automatic zero-balancing and calibration
● Highly reliable gold plate binding post terminal
● 16-Bits analog output
● Friendly intuitive, menu-driven operations
● EIA-RS-232C datum link
● Keypad operable
● Rugged, portable and lightweight
● Line-voltage power