AE Series Strain Indicator Calibrator

AE Series Strain Indicator Calibrator


The Model AE calibrator is a Wheatstone bridge and generates a true change of resistance in one arms of the bridge.

It simulates the actual behavior of a strain gage(gauges) in negative strain calibrator based on the Wheatstone bridge principle requires stable components. Multiple ultra-stable and hi-stable precision resistors are used in the Model AE calibrator to provide the stability, repeatability and accuracy required in a laboratory strain gages(gauges) instrument.

AE-120 / AE-350 Accuracy 0.1%

AE-120E / AE-350E Accuracy 0.05%

● True Wheatstone bridge circuitry
● Independent model AE-120 / AE-120E for 120Ω
● Independent model AE-350 / AE-350E for 350Ω
● AE-120 / AE-350 Accuracy 0.1 %
● AE-120E / AE-350E Accuracy 0.05 %
● Simulates quarter, half, and full-bridge
● 12 position preset range
● Quarter-bridge strain range direct reading: -100 to -100 000 με.
● Half and Full-bridge strain range direct reading: ±100 to ±100 000 με.
● Transducer range: ±0.5 mV/V to ±50 mV/V
● Reversing switch for plus and minus calibration
● High precision resistors used throughout to ensure excellent stability