EN-957ABT Torsion Tester for Exercise Bike in Research Purpose

EN-957ABT Torsion Tester for Exercise Bike in Research Purpose


This apparatus is one excellent integration of measurement units. It’s mainly for the R & D department to study users’ body output in riding their designed bicycles.

It’s designed with the needed frame / platform, the measurement units and the controlling software. R & D engineers shall get the performance properties of the products more easily by means of our customized tester.

This product is one application of the measurement in the sport and exercise industry.

For some customized or unique requirement to change this tester, please contact with us to get the appropriate proposal from our professionals.

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The Functions of the Control, Measurement and the Computer System:
● Switch for either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.
● Switch for either manual or automatic test.
● Programmable computer test software to execute the automatic function, simulation and endurance test procedures.
● Resolution of the programmable rotational speed: 16 bits.
● Measuring data can be taken down by manual, at some set time or at the same interval by the computer  software.
● Measuring data can be expressed with the graphs which can then be viewed on line or copied, exported and printed out.
● Measured data can be exported and printed out on line.
● Standard measuring data: Rotation speed; Torsion; Power and Average Power.
● Effective resolution of the measuring unit: 18 bits.
● LCD Display: 21.5”.
● Color inkjet printer.
● Optional purchasable auxiliary test module for temperature, voltage or current data.