ASTR1a Multi-Channel Digital Transducer Display

ASTR1a Multi-Channel Digital Transducer Display


The Multi-Channel Digital Transducer Display can stand along or fixes to a Multi Structures Test Frame (ASTR1, available separately). This keeps the experiments tidy and saves space around the work area. The display measures up to four forces from sensors on many of the experiments in the AII Structures range.


A four channels displayed force. The display automatically adjusts its range to the force.

Includes an output to the Automatic Data Acquisition Unit (ASTR2000, available separately).

When used with the ASTR2000, the Multi-Channel Digital Transducer Display outputs all four force signals at the same time to the Structures Software.


For use with AIIs Multi Structures Tester range, this display shows the forces from up to four force sensors on the Structures experiments

Works with many experiments fromAIIs Structures range

Fits onto the Multi Structures Test Frame (ASTR1) to give a tidy work area

Real-time display of each of up to four forces

Can connect to AIIs Automatic Data Acquisition Unit (ASTR2000) to automatically measure all four forces at the same time