PRL Manual or Programmable High Power Resistance Decade Unit

PRL Manual or Programmable High Power Resistance Decade Unit


PRL is a precision high power resistance source with excellent characteristics of stability, temperature coefficient, and power coefficient. High dynamic ranges are available, starting as low as 0.5 Ω, and extending to as many as 3 decades.

Operation is both local using convenient direct-reading front panel thumbwheel switches, or remote with RS-232, or IEEE-488 or RS-485 interfaces.

AI's produces various kinds of Power Resistor unit which can be used for any AC or DC resistor load application. Those units are most commonly used for all laboratory, test, calibration, load banks, precision burn-in load and functional test applications.

Product Characteristics:
• Resistance Range 0.5Ω to 20 kΩ
• Resistance Resolution 50mΩ to 1 kΩ
• Wide choice: 2~3 decade units
• Accuracy: 0.25 or 0.5% or 1% OR 5%
• Power Rating : 5kw to 100kw
• Voltage Rating: 1000 V or higher
• Allowable temp. rise:up to 375℃
• Dielectric Strength:AC1500V / 1 min (3500V, 4500V, 6000V is available)
• Insulation Resistance:20MΩ min
• Special and custom configurations available