ELEV High Power DC Power Electronic Load

ELEV High Power DC Power Electronic Load


The Advance Instrument Inc. ELEV Series is a line of high power DC electronic loads used to test power sources such as batteries, power supplies, generators, chargers, fuel cells, etc.

Power ratings start at 20KW; standard models have maximum test capabilities of 50, 200, 400,600 and 1000 volts. High current and power operation are achieved via parallel connection in a master/slave configuration. Individual units are capable of up to 600KW and 800 amperes.

Programming of current and voltage and current limits may be achieved by analog means or by RS 485 digital control. GPIB or Ethernet interfaces are factory installed options.

● High efficient, power line regenerative control DC electronic load
● Controlled and/or front LCD touch panel operation with display for voltage, current, power and status
● Simple operation - no deep menus to contend with
● Input max voltage of 50V~1000V, current 40A ~ 800A, power 20kW ~ 600kW
● High power density.
● Over-voltage, over-current, shunt protection, power semiconductor overheat protection.
● Communication reaction fastest time of 100ms.
● RS-485 interfaces as standard.
● DC input ON / OFF switch.
● Emergency stop with lock switch as a standard feature.