Strain Gage Signal Conditioning Amplifier

Strain Gage Signal Conditioning Amplifier


7011 Signal Conditioning System is designed with and incorporates all the features necessary for precise conditioning of strain gage and transducer inputs in the most severe operating environments.

7011 Signal Conditioning and amplifier’s low-level signals to high-level outputs for multiple channels can be simultaneously and dynamically recorded and displayed on external devices.

Plug-in amplifier

Maximum loading of 12-channel

Accepts foil type strain gage, piezo resistive, potentiometers, etc.

Selectable bridge Constant-voltage excitation: 0.5 to 10V

Fully adjustable calibrated gain from 1 to 11,000

Automatic bridge balance, with EEROM to preserve balance without power

Built-in with all bridge completion including 120 or 1000 and 350 Ω dummies.

Built-in with shunt calibration circuits

Built-in with optically isolated shunt calibration relays

Built-in with four-pole Bessel low-pass filter with cutoff frequencies of 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz, 1 kHz and 10 kHz

Front-panel monitoring: Automatic balance status