SHPB Test Services

SHPB Test Services

High Strain Rate - SHPB - Testing

Despite of the requirement set forth to polymeric materials is to withstand impact events of strain rates exceeding 100/s, still, little information on the materials' mechanical behavior of above strain rates of 1(-10)/s are available.

Advance Instrument (AI) having solid knowledges and experiences in this field of materials measuring and testing, has developed a comprehensive suite of services providing test, modelling and validating high strain rate behavior of polymeric materials. AI can test tensile and compressive behavior of a wide variety of polymeric materials over strain rates ranging from 10(-3)/s to 10(3)/s combining conventional test techniques with advanced, high strain rate techniques using Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) and instrumented impact testing.

AI's high strain rate testing and modeling capabilities are suitable for a wide variety of polymeric materials, including:
      ‧  Thermoplastics (PEEK, PC, ABS, etc.)
      ‧  Elastomers/Rubbers
      ‧  Foams (open or closed-cell)

AI knowledge of high strain rate testing in the design and implementation of validation tests can be use to assure materials tested are sufficiently accurate for their intended application.

For more information on designing a high-strain rate testing, modeling and validation program for your material, Contact: