The Structural modular teaching system


Advance Instrument’s modular Structure series offers a cost-effective, flexible teaching devices that we believe is the most advanced products in this field.

This series teaches basic principles to more advanced theory. It has 19 desk-mounting hardware experiment modules supported by full automatic datum acquisition, and Advance Instrument’s powerful and popular Structure Software (ASTRS).

You can use the hardware modules and the Structure Software together or as stand-alone products. However, using both, with automatic datum acquisition, gives a powerful teaching solution.

In addition, a full selection of user guides, student guides, lecturer guides, textbook and other supporting material are included in the products.

They work together so anyone using the equipment gets the best from it – teachers and students alike.

Structural modular system

Test Frame


Experiment modules


Structure Software


Automatic Datum



Personal computer

(Not supplied by Advance Instrument Inc.)

Complete Structure system with virtual experiments and ADA

Structure hardware and virtual experiments


Structural hardware experiments




Structural virtual experiments only




Advance Instrument’s modular Structure series means you can choose the right combination of products that best suits for your teaching needs

Structure Software is included as standard if ordering the STR200.


Flexible and modular

A key feature of this series is its flexibility. The hardware modules and instrumentation fix simply to an ergonomic test frame (ASTR1). They are easily removed and swapped for another experiment, making sensible use of laboratory space and time. The Structure Software fully supports each hardware module, and one experiment can show several principles. And because the range is modular, you can buy additional hardware modules as you need them.

Authentic software simulation

By providing virtual experiments, the Structure Software offers an affordable, versatile and effective method for students to quickly learn structure principles. Not only does it give students the flexibility of working away from the laboratory, it also expands experiments beyond the limits of the hardware.

Automatic datum acquisition

The use of digital instrumentation, automatic datum acquisition and software mean students learn efficiently and make the best use of laboratory time.

And there are no difficult-to-read instruments or abstract experiment set-ups to distract them.

High functionality, affordably priced

High-quality design and manufacture, combined with modularity, extensive capabilities, choice of hardware and software, plus Advance Instrument’s determination to provide superb value for money, mean our Structure series provides an unsurpassed teaching solution at an unbeatable price.