Dynamic performance tester of personal fall arrest systems

Dynamic performance tester of personal fall arrest systems

        The HDT-2 apparatus of Advance Instrument (AI) are computer controlled, electromechanically operated dynamic load measuring devices. The dynamic load measuring unit can perform drop tests. It is for the investigation of various forms of harness, self-retracting lifelines or textile.

        The system consists of the dynamic load measuring units, datum acquisition unit, testing
software, control system and the test frame. The facility is designed for dynamic load testing.

        The electromagnet device that is release the dummy torso with trigger the acquisition board to
acquire load data.

         The date acquisition rate is specified by the operator’s computer software. The measured
value from the load cell will be displayed on the computer screen by means of the software.The computer saves both the load data automatically. The data will be available for further
management in ASCII (*.csv) format with test graphic.

        The basic design of the unit includes a dynamic load, with signal conditioner with data acquire
device. The computer controls the data acquire device and saves the measured data.

        The HDT-2 instrument is capable to perform dynamic load tests. Operational parameters are set up through the user-friendly software that allows generator of report with Excel format .
● Dynamic performance testing of full body harnesses ( Safety harness )
● Dynamic performance testing of self-retracting lifelines
● Dynamic performance testing of safety belt
● Dynamic performance testing of safety strap