ASTR4 Deflection of Beams and Cantilevers

ASTR4 Deflection of Beams and Cantilevers


The experiment hardware consists of a backboard that fixes to the Multi Structures Test Frame (ASTR1, available separately). Test beams fit onto the backboard using a rigid clamp and knifeedge supports. Students apply loads at any position using hangers holding various masses.
Mounted on a trammel, a digital deflection indicator traverses the beam. The indicator measures beam deflection. Scales on the backboard show the position of the indicator, the loads and supports.


● For study of beam deflection under different loads and fixing conditions
● High-quality structures teaching module for students of mechanical, civil and structural engineering
● Allows safe and practical experiments into deflections of beams and cantilevers
● Realistic and verifiable experiment results
● Optional AII’s Structures Software package for extra ‘virtual’ experiments that simulate and confirm the results from your hardware and allow extended experiments
● Optional ASTR2000 unit including AII’s Structures Software package for automatic data acquisition and virtual experiments
● One of many interchangeable experiment modules from AII’s modern, flexible and costeffective Structures teaching system
● Ideal for classroom demonstrations, or students working in pairs or small groups