Applications in Biomechanical Industry

Applications in Biomechanical Industry

Since ancient times, the main purpose of the development on the biomechanical engineering by mankind: Increasing the life length and improving the life quality. In addition to the life science, the improvement on the aids appliance for the elderly or physically impaired persons and the concerned rehabilitation (reconstruction) are all the main ways to enhance the quality.

The assessment for the rehabilitation exerting force, the implant force of the dentist, the performance of patch sealant for the dental caries, the occlusal life for the gums and root, the support in orthopedic reconstruction, the assistance for the wheelchair to go up or down the stairs, the assistance for the wheelchair moving, and the rehabilitation for the occupational injury caused by the long and repeated actions, and the verification of all the former items must be identified once again and again in the laboratory and then to transfer to the general use.


Examples of the applications:

1 Research on the tooth root organism characteristics.

2 Research on the periodontal mucosa organism


3 Plane strain measurement on the skeleton.

4 Physical therapy assessment, multi-directional pulling
   perturbation system.