Applications in Civil Engineering Industry

Applications in Civil Engineering Industry

The pressure on the large area concrete of the large structures in the complex design building like the force retaining wall or dam is very huge. But because it’s the brittle material, the allowable strain is very small.

General Earthquake frequency are 0.5 to 10 Hz and it makes the towering structure swing big and have the chance of resonance incident. The natural frequency of the structure is easy to produce a resonance with the vibration frequency and thus amplify the energy.

The structure of the military airport hangar and runway shall be destroyed heavily once attacked by the high–energy high-frequency vibration of the bomb explosions.

For all the above situations, we must have more detailed understanding and monitoring. And they’re all suitable to be worked with the strain / stress measuring and monitoring systems to prevent from any disaster happening!


Examples of the applications:

The structural stress / strain monitoring on the civil engineering

   facilities like cranes and loading elevator.

The stress / strain test on foundation piles of the reaction wall.

3 The stress / strain measurement in the foundation pile


4 The stress / strain measurement on the reinforced concrete


5 The stress / strain measurement on the reinforced steel bars.

6 The strain monitoring on the dam body.

7 The split Hopkinson bar tester.