Applications in Track Industry

Smaller one from mining, sugar cane reaping to the larger one with fixed railway for the transportation system like the high-speed railway, the conventional railway and metropolitan area MRT, all these tracks have been working in the speedy, mass-transportation but closed environment. Their power transmission, brakes, train structures, steering bracket, suspension systems, wheels, tracks, fishplates and sleepers are subject to a great deal of force or high-speed vibration.

To ensure the performance security and the passengers’ comfort, these structures must be measured and inspected contingent to the track derailment coefficient, comfort degree, bogie’s suspension screw axis force, train body structure, body resonance, vehicle wheel weight measurement, track transverse pressure measurement, deformation of track, and the output torque measurement of the power wheel axle.





Examples of the applications:


1 The output torque measurement of the rail vehicle’s

   power wheel axle.

2 Track derailment coefficient.