Applications in Bridge Engineering

It’s easy for the road paving in the plane area and tunnels are usually dug in the high mountain area. However, the bridge building is needed to cross the rivers or the valleys between high mountains.

The bridge pier withstands the vertical loads of the bridge floor and faces the impact from the water, mud flow and rocks. The tension of the cable and the bridge mast of the cable bridge; All the loads, vibration and natural frequency resonance stood by the bridge floor and beams; The fatigue caused by the repeatedly vibration on the steel structure bridge; To monitor the above conditions are the most arduous subjects after the building finish and beginning using.





Examples of the applications:


1 The stress / strain measurement on the concrete or

   the foundation piles.

2 To monitor the inner stress / strain of the bridge concrete.

3 The stress / strain measurement on the I-beam model.

4 To monitor the static / dynamic stress and strain of
   the truss steel structure bridge.