Applications in Automotive Industry

Applications in Automotive Industry

General automobiles assembled with electrical motors or internal combustion engines are equipments in appropriate prices and easy to get. However, the safety requirement is very high because they are usually with very large momentum and the moving speed is also fast.

It’s an absolute must to test / verify from the development / design of the vehicle engine, transmission, drive shaft, steering, girders, trunk, chassis suspension structure, front and rear bumpers, and wheel rims to the welding / assembly of the whole system, and to make sure of the compliance with the safety regulations and the easiness in / on the vehicle by measuring the static, dynamic and the full practical vehicle’s stress or strain.


Examples of the applications:

1 The tightening force measurement on the fixing bolts of

   the Aluminum engine cylinder head.

2 The tightening force measurement on the fixing bolts for

   the engine crankshaft pulley.

3 Dynamometer for the motorcycle chassis.

4 The automatic throttle actuator controller for

   the motorcycle engine.

5 The datum acquisition system for the automatic

   transmission characteristics of the motorcycles CVT.

6 The stress / strain measurement on the coach structure.

7 The stress / strain measurement on the high-speed motion

   F1 coach structure.

8 The engine dynamometer.