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Max. Bandwidth 1 MHz. Built-in 120 Ω and 350 Ω dummy gages. Gain: 1 to 10,000 continuously variable. Direct reading.
Rotating Beam Fatigue Testing System Rotary Bending Fatigue Testing Machine

Material _ Mechanical Test

Material _ Mechanical Test
File Name File Date File Size File Language Download
800 Series Advanced Universal Electromechanical Materials Testing Machines.pdf 2018-07/05 0.45 Mb English
A6 Series Lever Arm Creep Testing Machines.pdf 2018-07/18 1.03 Mb English
DCPD-U50 Ultra Precision DCPD Crack Growth Monitor.pdf 2018-07/05 0.91 Mb English
HDT-2 Dynamic performance tester of personal fall arrest systems.pdf 2018-07/05 0.34 Mb English
High Temperature Split Tube Furnace.pdf 2018-07/18 0.70 Mb English
Material _ Mechanical Test.pdf 2018-07/05 3.08 Mb English
Rotating Beam Fatigue Testing System.pdf 2018-07/05 0.90 Mb English
SCC-CL Advanced Auto Constant Load Testing Device.pdf 2018-07/05 0.30 Mb English
SCC-SSRT Advanced SSRT ( Constant Load _ Corrosion ) Fatigue Loading Device.pdf 2018-07/05 0.89 Mb English
SL SCC-I3 Spring Constant Loading Device.pdf 2018-07/05 0.98 Mb English
Slow Strain Rate (Stress Corrosion) Test Machine.pdf 2018-07/05 0.37 Mb English
Split Hopkinson Bar High Strain Rata Material Testing.pdf 2018-07/05 1.11 Mb English
TGA-A1200 Thermogravimetry Analysis (Obsolescence).pdf 2018-07/05 0.49 Mb English
Ultra-Supercritical Steam Materials Test Systems.pdf 2018-07/05 0.79 Mb English