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AI has announced three types of Split Hopkinson bar apparatuses .

AI has announced three types of Split Hopkinson bar apparatuses .

Advance Instrument Inc. (AI) has announced three types of Split Hopkinson bar apparatuses in 2012. They are mainly for researching and determining material properties at high rates of strains. For different types of strains, AI has developed these three models for the practical application. They are Split Hopkinson pressure bar (SHPB), Split Hopkinson tension bar and Split Hopkinson torsion bar. Users are recommended to consult with AI to get the right information for the appropriate application.

The split Hopkinson bar apparatus consists of two long slender bars that closely sandwich a
short cylindrical specimen between them.

By striking the end of one bar, a compressive stress wave shall be generated and will immediately traverse across the stricken bar and reaching at one end of the specimen. The wave shall be partially reflected back and traverse back to the impact end.

The remainder of the wave shall then go through the specimen and into the second bar causing the irreversible plastic deformation on the specimen.

It is observed that the reflected and transmitted waves are proportional to the specimen’s strain rate and stress respectively. The specimen strain can hence be determined by integrating the strain rate. And by monitoring the strains in the two bars, the specimen stress-strain properties can then be calculated out.