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The SCC instrument of Advance Instrument (AI) are computer controlled,electromechanically operated loading devices. The loading unit can perform SSRT tests,constant load tests and cyclic fatigue tests. It is for the investigation of various forms of Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) under different environmental conditions.
Rotating Beam Fatigue Testing System Rotary Bending Fatigue Testing Machine
Model RRM : Rotating Beam Fatigue Testing System

Model RRM : Rotating Beam Fatigue Testing System

Advance Instrument Inc. (AI), recognized as a pioneer in the field of material testing Instrumentation and system developer and manufacturer in Taiwan, has been serving industry faithfully for more than two decades.
Over that time, AI has demonstrated an unsurpassed quality of machine design and performance. Today, the use of the aluminum alloys as machine frame and heavy-duty bearing housings are key components making a system built to last for many years of usage.

● Fatigue Test
● Fatigue Limit Test
● Fatigue Fracture Test
● Endurance Limit Test
● Machine Test and Laboratory
● Perform Testing ISO 1143 and ASTM F1160
● Test the Properties of Surface Treatments or Coatings